I learned so much and had an amazing time at the GHC ELITE CAMP!  David’s focus on mental game has had a big impact on my game play and how I analyze shots. Also, Ann’s tips and insights into the game has given me a new approach to the game and made me a better player.

- FIONA K. (15)

"One of the most amazing opportunities I have ever done for my golf game. I didn’t know what to expect going into this camp. As soon as David Elaimy started talking to us all, I learned the importance of being aware on the golf course of emotions, and other interferences, along with the experiences happening around you. I was also shown how you get your performance level of playing golf from skill, minus interferences and plus or minus luck. We played a practice round with the other people in class and put to use our skills of concentrating, being aware, and maintaining a clear state of mind. My swing wasn’t in top shape that day but just from being mentally aware I was able to really play well.  Since I took this day long lesson my golf game has improved a lot and I have been able to maintain a healthy mind whenever I play golf in a tournament, with friends, or even by myself. This was truly an amazing experience and I was so glad I got to be a part of it. Ann and David are great coaches and taught me so much."

- EDWIN S. (18)

“The GHC Elite Golf Camp was truly a spectacular experience, and I would highly recommend it to any avid golfer who wants to dive deeper into the mental side of the game. I came to the camp on a scholarship from the First Tee, and am very thankful for the opportunity. By the time I left camp, my head was filled with knowledge that has greatly impacted my golf game for the better. The most important lesson I learned was to always stay in the present. David and Ann are great mentors who care about their students and provide a new perspective to the game of golf.”
- AUSTIN P. (13)

"This camp was an incredible experience for me.  I’ve always heard that golf is mainly a mental game, but never realized just how true that was until I was able to control some of my interferences. In just one day, I was given the tools to stay in the moment whether on the course, preparing for a round, or even just relaxing in general. You are always in good care as well, with the coaching staff offering years of expertise and knowledge of the game. Would highly recommend this camp for anyone who would like to bring their golf game to the next level! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this camp!"
- JUSTYN S. (17)

"It was an incredible opportunity to work on my swing and spend a dedicated few hours on my game on a beautiful course. The inspiring lessons from David Elaimy can't be beat. I will absolutely implement the mental skills both in the game of golf and throughout my last year of high school and beyond."
- NICOLE G. (17)

"This camp made me feel like everyone really cares and was always willing to help. David was the most impactful golf instructor I've ever had."
- EMERSYN W. (13)

"The instructors of this camp are truly invested and present with out kids. David has the ability to get to the root of the issue with his students. Allowing kids to play free and remove themselves from interferences allows them to be their best version of themselves."
- AMY E. (Parent)

"This camp gave me a chance to analyze my game in a way that I did not know how. I found that there is a way to swing free and have my emotions on the golf course and let them go before I hit my next shot. I am so happy that this camp had David and Ann because they are both great coaches. They taught me so many things in a short amount of time because of their experience. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get serious with golf because it really allows you to look at your game in a new way and see that mental is way more important than we imagine. The mental tips that they give gave me allowed me to soar through my golf game and swing free and stay in the moment which of the most important advice that I received from this camp. David was a great teacher who worked with everyone individually and gave everyone their own specialized piece of advice on the golf course. For me, it was how to denergizing from the bad shot that happened 10 minutes ago. Also, Ann was a great coach because she gave little tips that helped me with my overall game. How I will apply this in my golf game is that I will not allow the bad shots to ruin my hole or my round because the bad shots are bound to happen and I just have to deal with the interferences and let them go. Also, the formula which I learned from this camp of performance=skill minus interferences plus or minus luck is a formula which will stay with me and I will use every single time I go to practice, play a round or a tournament and life because it is something that applies to everything. I cannot thank David and Ann enough for giving me the insights and encouragements. The formula and their insights have already made me a better golfer in less than 3 days. I would do this again in a heartbeat."
- BRONTE P. (17) 

The camp is great for advanced golfers. I learned a lot about my golf game and my mental game. I loved playing 9 holes on a championship style golf course and getting tips from the pros. I would definitely recommend this camp to someone else.
- HENRY (12)

I thoroughly enjoyed your GHC Elite Golf Camp at The Home Course. It was also great to meet up with David Elaimy again, along with Hannah and Isaac. They are so fun to hang around. Most of all, Ann and David's camp is something that needs to be advertised more outside of The First Tee as well. I learned many important fundamentals about the golfer's mind. The camp was a big wake up call for me. I learned that I need to act like a 17 year old high school team captain. I had such a great time and would sign up again in a heartbeat!
- DANIEL M. (17)